Hi, I'm
Cameron Kleinert.

I'm a freelance web developer in Raleigh, North Carolina. I build websites, interactive web applications, and other digital doodads.
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I build websites. I can also make your existing website better. If you need guidance starting a website from scratch or just help perfecting your creation, let's talk.

Custom Interactive
Tools and Forms

I build web applications. If you need an online tool, a form, or anything more complicated than a plain static webpage, I'd love to hear your ideas.

Design for
All Devices

Your site has to work on desktops and phones, Chrome and IE, WiFi and 3G, and everything in between. I keep all this in mind right from the beginning of a project.

Personal Dedicated

I make things easy for my clients. I'm accessible, proactive, easy to work with, and I'll do whatever it takes to get the project right.
My Geocaching Profile.com
                    Work Experience

My Geocaching Profile.com

I co-created and developed mygeocachingprofile.com in 2007 and sold it to Groundspeak, Inc. (the creators of geocaching) in 2010. The site analyzes a geocacher's activity and builds a visual profile full of statistics, charts, and maps about their geocaching achievements. I continue to support and develop the site part-time for Groundspeak.
asp.net, c++, html/css, javascript, iis, ms sql server
Atlantic Brew
                    Supply Recipe Builder Work Experience

Atlantic Brew Supply Homebrew Recipe Generator

I worked with Atlantic Brew Supply in 2016 to create a Homebrew Recipe Builder on their website. The tool allows homebrewers to build beer recipes and see how ingredients affect the ABV, bitterness, calories, and even color of their brew. We continue to add new features to this tool including a button that will add all of a recipe's ingredients to the user's shopping cart for easy purchase.
html/css, javascript, 3dcart ecommerce/cms platform
Paragon Safety Group Work

Paragon Safety Group

Paragon Safety Group hired me to build a client-facing WordPress form that would collect audit request data from their clients on a weekly basis. The form read and saved client and worksite location data from a custom built database.
wordpress, html/css, javascript, php
Atlantic Brew Supply Work

Atlantic Brew Supply

I've performed ongoing consultation and development for Atlantic Brew Supply and their partner companies ABS Commercial and Cask Supply since 2016. I help their team add features to these websites and extend the capabilities of their 3dcart ecommerce/CMS platform. We've worked on many features including a location-based shipping estimate tool, a flyout sidebar, a new checkout flow, and more.
html/css, javascript, 3dcart ecommerce/cms platform
Craft Beer Name
                    Generator Work Experience

Craft Beer Name Generator.com

I created a fun craft beer name generator that learned on its own to create beer names after using machine learning to study Untappd.com's API of thousands of beers. I also built in an API so other sites can get random craft beer names for their own projects.
html/css, javascript, jquery, php, torch-rnn (character-level language modeling program )
NCSU Student
                    Legal Work Experience

NCSU Student Legal Services

In 2017, I worked with the NCSU Student Legal Services director to re-organize their WordPress website's content and add a new three-column format aross the site.
html/css, wordpress
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Cameron Kleinert
A little about me - I'm a Raleigh, North Carolina-based freelance web developer and a proud dad of two girls, one dog, one cat, and an ever-shifting number of fish. When I'm not working on projects and creating fun stuff on the web, you can find me geocaching with my kids, volunteering at their school, reading, or enjoying a pint at one of Raleigh's amazing breweries!

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